Our Farmstead

The fresh goat milk is in its purest form, free of growth hormones or antibiotics. From liquid form, the milk is transformed into a solid and the result is wonderful goat cheeses!

The supply of goat’s milk gradually increases starting in the spring, peaks around the summer solstice and then dips in the fall. However, the lower yield of milk in the fall is compensated by a higher butterfat content.

The Alpine goats are selectively crossbred to yield healthy and good milk producers. They browse on pasture and brush and are supplemented with Eastern Oregon premium alfalfa for its high selenium and calcium content. Their grain mixture does not contain hormones or antibiotics.

The kids are born in the spring and are hand raised to enjoy human contact and eventually name recognition. The herd is kept small to be well managed and pampered.


The by-product of cheese making is whey, which we reserve in containers for Tom, a local pig farmer. He tells me the pigs love it!

All our goat manure is put to good use. The dry well composted manure is bagged and sold to urban gardeners and the bulk of it leaves the premises to enhance the flower beds at Out in the Garden Nursery in Molalla.